[EN] What do I need to start the adventure with Decoding?

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[EN] What do I need to start the adventure with Decoding?

Postby techmobil » 4 Oct 2011, o 19:32

To start adventure with the Radio code simply buy our starter package with Clip (supports approximately 1,600 different models of car radios and navigation):

Clip and programs included in this set are so constructed that people who do not have to deal with the industry before they can work without any problem and decode the radios.
After purchasing the kit you get access to special sealed section in our forum, which includes detailed descriptions and photos how to use programmer Martech CLIP.

At any time you can extend your Clip with additional activations (car industry, gsm, pc service) available in our store.

We provide free updates to the purchased activation on the principles already laid down.
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