[EN] Autologin to forum from tools

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[EN] Autologin to forum from tools

Postby techmobil » 4 Nov 2011, o 09:47

From now you can log in automatically to our forum without login/pass in forum.

How to do it?
Copy your Clip/Box2 Plus serial number to clipboard.
Log in normally to forum, go to your Profile in User Control Panel.

Fill in section called "device(s) sn.:" - paste your Clip Serial number and tick on Submit.


Please note: you can add various devices serials but to have it working you must have connected one device.
Moreover, you will be permanently and automatically added to groups to which you have activations on added serial.

Now you can logout from forum, run rcd2.exe, go to Box Info and push Forum button. You will be automatically logged in.
In this way, by clicking on any link to the forum topics (links in tools, in models descriptions) you will be able to read quickly.
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